Bts reaction to you glaring at them

You were just so beautiful. But I will make a broad statement Korea Culture is very different from the rest of the world,  . Jimin looked down as you came back into the room. You mentally scolded yourself for even bringing that up. Namjoon. ” You joked, tapping on his stomach, little did you, there was two glaring eyes staring at the both of you. You figured that would be the last time you ever saw them or interacted with them at least. Daddy just needs his little kitten right now. He’d ask you questions and you’d answer them until you both were on the same page. Writing Is Okay — BTS End Roll Day 1 Part 1. BTS Reaction To You Hugging Them During An Argument. “Thank you, boys,” You mumbled, shutting your eyes and relaxing a bit. “Dinner will be ready soon,” Jin said, coming out of the kitchen and over to you, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. “My bad,” he giggled. He looked up, playfully smiling at you. SM would honestly crush his mind, body and soul if they asked him to do that. There would be neck kisses and whispers reminding you that you were to only focus on him, glares thrown around at other idols so they knew that you weren’t leaving him any time soon and they would definitely have to go through him to get to you. He walked over to you leaning close to you whispering in your ear, “You made daddy horny, now you better take responsibility for it, bedroom now”. “I didn’t think it’d upset you this much, baby,” He mumbled, eyes meeting yours. You face was blotched. 5k A/N: the ask that started all of my woes ( i joke i actually loved it ) Originally posted by ky-ngsoo The woods were tinged orange You were so excited…. “Jagi, put this on! It’s cold and I don’t want you getting sick. “What are you laughing about?” He saw your adorable face and now he really wants to kiss  17 May 2019 You glared at him, “I enter a room and I see my boyfriend in at rather touchy position with his dance instructor. You were the first one to break the  2 Aug 2019 He didn't speak, staring off into the distance. “Hold on, you, two idiots,” he said letting go of Chanyeol’s and Baekhyun’s ears, “Someone just moved up my hit list. “Damnit guys!” I shouted, making Hoseok flinch. feedback would be wonderful. Bts reaction to Nigerian Queen (bts imagine) Anonie asked: Could you please do a BTS imagine when they find out your Nigerian and their reaction to your culture? _____ In relation to BTS and the Bighit company, i am The directors assistance for international affairs of everything outside of career but not in America. ” You swung your right arm around, sending it straight into his jaw. “Oh, I see, Jimin is  1 Oct 2018 As he stared at you, you pouted hard, crossing your arms as you glared at him. minyoongi, rapmon, p dalkomang asked: Hi~ can I request a reaction where you trick them (BTS obviously) into eating vegetarian food for an entire day? Like you take them to places that serve vegetarian food, fake meat, etc. “He’s in the living room…” Namjoon mumbled, not meeting my eyes. "And you're not ugly, noona. ” you said, making your way over to him. You felt your breath hitch in your throat as you stared at the man you love. bts fake texts bts smut bts dirty texts bts reactions bts these are all real drink names i swear you can look them up namjoon jin yoongi hoseok glaring at him Group: BTS Pairing: JUNGKOOK X READER Requested: Anonymous said: Omg werewolf jungkook au pls Summary: Jungkook finds a lone wolf and takes her into the pack house, but as he sees you suppress your wolf, he just wants to help you. I was having trouble coming up with the right words and scenes, but hopefully you still enjoy it hsdj. You're a jewel and we can't stand you leaving," Taehyung requested. Read BTS Reaction to you Bossing them around from the story BTS Reactions Yoongi: Yoongi wasn't doing anything except for staring at you because it was  Make sure you guys hit BTS Reaction: Them trying to set you up with you noticed that it was the boy that was outside, and you quickly glared at him in return. Bts Reaction To You After Your First Time Read BTS reaction to your sexy dancing. We are worry about you, I am! We all are!” You would tell me and a smirk would curls at the corner of my lips, glaring over at you with a different look from before. I can see him pulling the other member away from all of you and politely reminding them that you’re his. I don’t want to share that part of you with them too,” You whimpered, reaching up to wipe a spare tear off your cheek but Jungkook beat you to it, thumbing it off your cheek before pressing a kiss to the spot. All reactions. (If you are Korean, pretend you moved to another city). This post is a little different, because I’m not BTS Reaction to: You asking them to cuddle you Masterlist. I look so gross with curly hair,” you grimaced, your face as stoic as ever. You dropped your hips, telling them to behave and be patient as you slowly slid the shorts down your legs, taking your time and teasing them as much as you could. “You’re so soft, I don’t know what you’ve done BTS Reacts To You Randomly Smacking Their Butt in Public Hey guys! I figured I had time to make one or two more posts today. But it wasn’t. “Here's your makeup remover,” he  21 Sep 2015 BTS Reaction to You and Your Bandmates Being Mistreated by Your Manager “Tell them to stop, they're hurting my ears,” Yoongi hears the Yoongi continues to glare at the manager, who tchs and skulks out of the studio. Dec 11, 2015 · Whenever you hung out with your boyfriends’ friends you had a good laugh and a great time, they were so much fun, and Jimin trusted them with you. Don’t you see what you have done. EXO reaction - their GF trying to glare at them, - EXO reaction - their GF trying to glare at them, but she just looks like a sad puppy Xiumin “ppo-ppo?” “No, Minseok. Suho: He’d be walking around them while glaring at the BTS members if they started to hit on you. You wanted to make him anticipate for your next hot session which always led to the best sex of your life. Yoongi supported you throughout the entire transition, and still stands by your side to this day; his head leveled and mature. May 17, 2017 · Request: Bts reacting to their s/o having two coloured eyes Note: My internet will still not let me post gifs (or maybe its my computer…who knows just TECHNOLOGY PLEASE) so I will edit this and the other BTS Reacts I just finished once everything starts working again. For the past 2 hours, you have been practicing nonstop. You begin to cook some food for all of them. You were pushed on the ground and they began to beat you and hit you hard. If feel Namjoon would be quite calm about it, waiting for your reaction and thinking that you could handle it Yandere!BTS Reaction - Seeing You with Another Man ( I’m sorry it’s kinda trash @mazerunner353 ) Sitting across from your study partner, you take a sip of your coffee, leaning against the window with your shoulder. Taehyung nods, blushing a bit. Summary; you never really saw yourself as a hybrid person. After the last member, Jungkook, climbed out, (Y/N) too Jul 25, 2019 · Got7 reaction: When theri child runs on stage. Ahn Hwan . “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Hello Nacho I loved the reaction and the message at the end was very thoughtful 😊 oh and do you think u can do BTS reacts to you being oblivious of a guy flirting with you sorry if you already did this ( oh and can they get a little jealous and protective ) love ya ~ ️ amazing wrighting skills as well not overly detailed but not short Summary: you never really saw yourself as a hybrid person. Once you felt completely numb, he looked up and wiped his mouth. I forgot. But who can I blame? I was left aside, when I needed them the most they were The three of you were out on a walk, originally it was just supposed to be you and Sehun but you found Jungkook wandering the streets and asked him to join. BTS reacting to you sexting them - rap line. You sighed, feeling your eyes roll to the back of your head as he went faster and harder, making every nerve in your body quiver in the best way. Some eyes were still on you but you tried not to pay attention. (the food is really good though) At the end of the day, where they're really full you decide to tell them and see their reaction. Seokjin: He was in the middle of a discussion with Namjoon when he received a text from your best friend telling him that you were in Truthfully, male idols would avoid you at all costs due to the glaring look Junmyeon would give them in passing. ” “I was a joke, baby. Bts react to you asking them to go down on you? 👅👅👅 Warning: Contains Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE I’m girlfriend zoning this. tears were now cascading down your cheeks as the memories of those in your past haunted you. You guys can’t stop Seokjin from enjoying himself just because you can’t stand his fling and you’re too much of a coward to tell him you want to hold his hand. ” “You have the cutest bunny smile. You got coffee all over my clothes! You better pay for this!” He said glaring at you. ” Late to work, coffee spilled on a new white shirt by a coworker who was obviously out for my job, broken heel on my favorite shoes, had to stop and bought a crappy pair of slip on shoes that gave me a blister; and, the cherry on top just as I trudge through the You whined, glaring up at the man hunched over you. May 17, 2018 · I chuckled, giving them a side hug. made by atricksterwithwings* *yandere! bts* kim seokjin: He wouldn’t believe his eyes. Seokjin: You had decided to take a nice lunch to the boys while they were at the studio. Seokjin. Sep 29, 2017 · Yeri of Red Velvet apparently seems to show a certain dislike for them, especially for BTS member J-Hope. If people outside of your friend group were to hear these lies you’re sure it would bring nothing but bad luck to the whole group. So when you brought him lunch that day, to say you were surprised was an understatement. you will get it but if one of them as much as breathes BTS Reaction They snap at you but you find it funny Warnings: Swearing, It’s fluffy asf, I’m talking absolutely no angst (okay maybe just a smidge). (a/n: not going to lie this one was a little hard to write, so i’m sorry it’s not the best v. Jin It was the perfect gift for you, your family were close to your heart, and you missed them greatly, but now this felt as if they were always close to you, even if there were thousands of miles between you and the rest of them. “I’m lonely,” you muttered, glaring at the male in front of you. * - Admin -L. He wouldn’t care if he woke you up since he would be so happy. “I’m straightening my hair and you can’t stop me. All the famous people are there and everyone’s drinking and having fun…Your abusive (Mentally and/or physically) ex turns up however - as they are part of a famous group also, but your boyfriend doesn’t like them due to how they treated you. It frustrated you endlessly, you had no idea what was going on. You hesitantly touched his torso, too, and you couldn’t help but be amazed at how damn fit he was. Jin:You woke up to the light in your room turning on. that is, until your best friend introduces you to his hybrid, and you suddenly find yourself craving the companionship. "Promise me, Quinn, that if you ever experience something like this, you'll share it with us. Tonight would be all about you, and you quickly forgot about your horrible day. Here you can find my Masterlist if you feel like checking out more of my BTS fiction! Take care and have a great day! NONE of the GIFs used are mine. reactions, preferences, se Bts Mafia Reaction To You Disobeying Them We write BTS scenarios, most to least, reactions, ships, and more~ We are here to make your imagination come to life! Request something you’ve imagined with Bangtan and we will try to bring it to life through our writing. Jungkook: Jungkook would be so flattered that you found a way to be close to him. thank you for the request!!! (spoiler, they all find you yerr((also these are so long im sorry also also sorry for any typos i didn’t proofread this oof) After a while, you appeared back in his room to bother him and when he saw your sulking face, he just couldn’t help but grin. “Mm,” you bit your lip, gazing up at them with hooded eyes. You stood anxiously in line for the fan meet. 3k Summary: You had sworn you would never feed on a human again, and for centuries you had kept your promise. from the story BTS reactions, smuts, imagines!! by jungkookie884 (아가 Jungkook) with 19,240 reads. You groaned at him, carefully trying to tug your hand from his grip. Understands how stressful things can be ; Would try to intervene before it got bad, reasoning that you can do it later or it won’t be as good if you were well rested Please do not read if you are sensitive to these topics. Soon you were pushed into the counter. you only intended to bring home one. “As I was saying, she is such a-”. You were so tired you couldn’t wait up for him anymore, curling up under your covers. And he cried in the bathroom of the subway station. “Geez you’re so clingy. “I’m really sorry! It was an accident. Posted Jun 22, 2017 Reaction Masterlist. until you actually got there. here ya go anon, I hope this is what you wanted! -Spice. Jimin was gonna introduce you to his friends, but you got so nervous, you couldn’t even go into BTS Reaction To You Taking A Bullet For Them, Mafia AU b-tsfanfic-tion: “ Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion: A Mafia AU where they react to their gf taking a bullet for them. He was humming, slowly positioning himself to your entrance and when he glanced to the cat bed just to find the once sleeping cat now glaring at him, the man couldn’t help but chuckle softly. Originally posted by doona-baes. a/n: female reader for this one! also i didnt know which title to give this so. Apr 12, 2017 · Anon Request: Yandere!BTS’s reaction to a overly-persistent pursuer. You two met at the age of 15 when you moved to Korea. BTS reaction to you calling them daddy to tease Protection | BTS Reaction; Summary: You’re out with your boyfriend at a party, celebrating their latest win in an awards show. Jungkook?” Feb 22, 2017 · BTS Reacts - Being Introduced to Their S/O’s Culture Jung Hoseok: Hobi would probably be really intrigued by all aspects of a new culture surrounding his foreign S/O, and he’ll probably do the most digging into what means the most to him: music and dance . The music seemed to have started again. Jin knew that his S/O would never think about leaving him and had complete trust you but coming backstage after his solo performance of Awake and seeing you eating and giggling with Namjoon struck a chord in him. Bts reaction to you being pregnant. Either way, he’d end up putting his all into the performance, throwing around tons of fanservice, he’d and smile widely just at the thought of you being here to support him. Request: could you please do a bts reaction where their child walks in on them doing…. They have a crush on you (gender neutral reader), but think they are not enough for you. “If you really want to learn about them, how about you help me take care of them! He smirked at my reaction BTS Series║The Little Smeraldo MASTERLIST. 27 oct. Jin is a very protective and probably quite possessive partner since he is very traditionally manly so the idea that another person would be trying to take what was HIS , would anger Jin to the extreme. @akira-black requested: . Genre: Fluff Pairing: Female!Reader x Kyo Sohma It’s Friday afternoon, the classes ended for the day, so I’m going with Tohru to the Sohma’s house since Kyo and Yuki left the school earlier, I know their family for a few months now I meet them when Tohru introduced them to me a couple of days after we meet, I was new at school and Tohru was the first person to Mar 27, 2019 · BTS - Intro: Persona (English Translation) Lyrics: Who am I? The question I had my whole life / The question which I probably won’t find an answer to my whole life / If I were answerable with a Jin and Jungkook were very close until suddenly their parents divorced causing them to split away from each other for 10 years. Cherry Blossom Festival. I was completely distracted and upset and he would just not look away. But reality came crashing down the moment you appeared before them. I ship you with Rap Monster because Rap Monster’s ideal type has pale skin. They were living their lives to the fullest, and they were all so occupied with world tours, dancing, and singing that they had forgotten about their curse for a while. Thanks for the request! I’m having some Grey’s Anatomy related feels right now and I needed something to get my mind off of pRESTON BURKE DOING CHRISTINA DIRTY. by atricksterwithwings* . I saw this idea somewhere and thought it would be fun!! Enjoy ♥ Seokjin [Jin] - Jin looked at you with his mouth fallen open and a mortified look in his widened eyes. Bts reaction to you being chubby. Genre: Smut Word Count: 4. v) Jin: Once you turn your ex down about getting back together jin would make up an excuse for why you guys should leave simply because your ex wouldn’t leave, “she’s not going anywhere!” he would yell grabbing hold of your wrist, jin wouldn’t let him go any further he’d step between May 16, 2017 · BTS - Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms. ” You did as you were told, but when you grabbed a towel to dry yourself, Daehyun impatiently pulled it away, glaring at you intently. ” “Your laugh is a blessing-” “Both of you are ugly now shut up. He ended up deciding to teach you ‘Fire’ so he could practice as well. jimin claimed that you could give them some pointers while they practiced some of their dances, but they didn’t really acknowledge that you were in the room. BTS Reaction - When another member finds your bralette in their room Anonymous said: Could you do a reaction to where one of the other members finds your lacy bralette in their room please??? this is gonna be a little longer, I’m in a very write-y mood today lol This will be under a “read more” because it is kinda long!!! You must really love my thighs - Jungkook (BTS) You sat at home with your boyfriend, Jungkook as he watched a soccer game on the television. You never thought you body was anything special, especially since you didn’t think your boobs were great enough to evoke a “wow” reaction. A whimper left her, as she eyed the girls that were starting to go over to the table more often. Jungkook’s fiancé glaring at you as you stood there with your brother and friend. May 23, 2016 · Oh and you open his present to reveal it’s an odd assortment of things including three pairs of socks with rabbits, kitties and puppies on them, his autograph, one of his old t-shirts, pencils, make that 14 of his autographs, a necklace with a “pretty green flower” on it it’s actually a weed leaf and a stuffed toy pig because why not. “Y/N GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!” He boomed from behind the door. When you walked over him, his lunch in hand, he started going off on you immediately. Kim Seokjin . The maknae of the group, an angel. Compared to him he only had a few small drops on his jacket, you on the other hand were cover from head to toe in coffee. who is the type to yell and stuff like that” *I honestly dont think that any of them would ever yell at you, unless it were to to have a REALLY bad argument, other than that, I think that they would be reasonably considerate with you. - pt. Anon asked: Hi is it okay if you could do bts reaction to their girlfriend glaring at them but she looks like a sad puppy because they made her mad. REQUEST: “How would BTS argue with their gf? Like their type of arguing e. She definitely didn’t seem to be pleased and there is a footage of her glaring at J BTS Reaction: Fingering You (Hyung Line) Kim Seokjin . EXO and BTS reaction blog. Imagines e reacts do grupo BTS # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Read Namjoon from the story [fanfic][imagine][oneshot] BTS AND AMI (you) by (Hà Châu ( ️BTS ️)) with 787 reads. You grabbed a few bills before hurrying to the next locations. It was actually quite endearing, the way he glared moodily at idols he even considered to be friends, his protective behavior eliciting giggles from you and his fellow members. Honestly I don't know. BTS reaction to you catching them cheating on you A/N: these are probs gonna be really long lol Jin: You plant a quick good-morning kiss onto your boyfriends cheek before he walks downstairs to Aug 28, 2016 · You were scrolling through Twitter when you saw an appreciation post for the 97liner maknaes, Yugyeom and your boyfriend Jungkook, and you could help but say aloud that you would like a threesome with them. Namjoon: You had him wait all week to meet you since he had to do work on the songs of the new album but this had never happened before. Seokjin: You and your Read BTS Reaction to you Asking them to Take Their T-shirt Off from the story bts scenarios by bangtanistry (jean. He pushed you off, with glaring at you. You were really his greatest help. *walks over to the two of you, gently combing his fingers through your hair- moving Jk’s hand out of the way while glaring at him only for a moment before turning his attention back to you* “Wow, baby you’re so good!” “Come here baby, sit on Daddy’s lap. (Y/N) had had to climb out and hold the door open for the rest of the boys since she was closest to the van-door. Jin: “Well I don’t know what you expect me to do Y/N. He was in denial when he saw you turning to leave, you couldn’t, you wouldn’t, you love him to much. After a while, you’d have your own inside jokes and you’d join ‘eat Jin’. ” He’d get super close to your face and look into your eyes until you are unable to May 16, 2017 · -Telling each other why you think the other is cute and having Yoongi get annoyed. Originally posted by jinfesta. Bts reaction to finding out you’re gay. BTS Reaction ⁙ After Sex. BTS Reaction ; Being Jealous. You spoke to the partner detective to your left, not lifting your gaze from the deceased business man. "Thank you!! I'm done now, I appreciate it!" (Y/N) smiled happily and packed her books away into her bag, at great timing too since the car had halted to a stop and Jin announced they had arrived at the boys' dorm. I hope that’s okay. You two clicked the moment you met and ever since then, you have been inseparable. You turned down a few people who asked you to dance with them. You would both of cried in each others arms telling each other that they would miss the other. . BTS: Reaction to you being irresistibly seductive (BST) ♥Jin: It was crazy, the effect you had on him. just-let-me-be-your-lover said: Omfg did you have to use that gif?? You’re killing me. everyone knows seokjin is confident, so you would definitely notice something was off when he seemed to be insecure around you. The word that you thought was important to him as it was. “Enough,” he growled, shoving your hands away. ” Maybe I am different from before, maybe even worse. College is so overwhelming, along with tutoring and another part time job. Jan 01, 2017 · If you seemingly forget about him, he’d surprise you with a back hug and probably pick you up princess style before walking home. One day, you went to see Jimin at his place but he wasn’t there yet, only Jungkook was there so you decided to play with him while waiting for Jimin. You yelped lightly as he nipped at your skin, something he always did just for your reaction. Genre: angst, wolf au Length: 1. You’ve never been a slow learner but holy shit, this dance was hard. Hugging them while they prepare breakfast (hyung-line) Yelling at them in a languauge they doesn’t speak (Rapmon, Jungkook) Nipple piercing question (Jin, V, Jimin) Kissing them first (J-Hope, Rapmon, Jungkook) Nipple piercing question (rap-line) Tattoos question (maknae-line) Nose job question I was having a nice dinner alone at a diner once. BTS Reaction To: You getting dragged off stage (requested) Kim Seokjin: (573 Words) Jin hadn’t been paying enough attention at the time to realize what was going on right away. Bts reaction s/o overworks. Love. Let’s see who this goes. you know? ~ anon Pairing: bts x reader Genre: smut, reaction, established relationship with children Warnings: sexual content under the cut ⇥ Masterlist . His dark eyes bore into yours as he broke the kiss first. He was busy dancing and messing around with Jimin, getting the rest of his friends hyped up for your performance when he heard the first scream. You weren’t gonna lie his friends were actually pretty cute, especially the one named Hoseok, but you highly doubt he’d even let you near them after what happened. O. Jan 25, 2017 · Jin would be really lowkey about how angry he was when his s/o was looking at him, but with the flirt…Jin would be glaring. Kim Namjoon Your thighs alone were enough to get Namjoon worked up and the thought of you riding his face, your thighs either side of his head while his hands gripped to them was enough to push him over Anon request: Hello– bts react to you suddenly topping them (during sex) to try and make them feel pleasure @j-alifr request: BTS reaction to you riding them but going veeeery slowly (teasing them), please? A/N; I combined the two because they were similar, I hope you like it! ^-^ Kim Namjoon You finally let go of you best friend to reveal your boyfriend glaring at you while licking his lips making you confused as hell. ” Both Jeongguk and Namjoon shifted uncomfortably under Yoongi’s merciless criticism, examining the leaf-strewn concrete. some of these are long and some are short oof, you can tell i rushed the last part. He would probably go to your side and never leave so you don’t forget about him. You being shy or your stutter does not define you. NB! This is all fiction! Nothing mentioned/written are facts and/or real! So please just keep that BTS To Accidentally Hurting Theirs Girlfriends Feelings. ” “Make sure you clean up after yourself,” Kris said making Suho face palm as the rest of Exo watched You were trying not to make it obvious that you had no idea how to use chopsticks as you just moved to Korea. Sexy" de minrinj sur Pinterest. The weird behavior continued at school, but it was different, more controlled. His wife had left him. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "BTS. You were still as stunning as he remembered, all those times he spent staring at your photos you two shared were now engrained into his mind. Jungkook, who was sitting behind you, stared at you in shock, his possessive side glaring at the picture of Yugyeom, before moving to close “Don’t straighten your hair jagi,” you looked up in the mirror, seeing your boyfriend standing there with a small smile on his face. Just for fun (and to spend time with him), you asked Jimin to teach you one of the BTS dances. Their fans were glaring at you because you had come from backstage since you got a VIP pass to see them before the show and after BTS’ performance, the fans grabbed you and took you outside the building. You could see Kookie laughing in the corner, this was all his fault; he thinks it’s so funny to play pranks on you all the time, but this one is going too far. While I am a hardcore shipper of Namjin, Yoongmin, and Taekook, I’m not going to say anything like, “Oh, yeah, all of them are gay because I ship them. ” TAEHYUNG. ”-Letting Jungkook do your hair and glaring at him every time he gasped to make you think he messed up. somewhere between the lines you ended up with three beautifully misfit hybrids who craved nothing but your love. But now, with your blood supply suddenly cut off, that primitive hunger you thought you’d conquered so long ago comes back with a vengeance and you find yourself on the hunt for human blood once again. He would have told you about the company’s orders as soon as they had give them to him. “Tae if you don’t get your hand off my thigh I swear…” “What? Praises for you drip like honey from his mouth, he tells you how good you are for him, how tight you are. Request #33. Jin didn’t really have lines so I kinda just made a story out of the couples lines he had. You copied his grip, and blushed, before smiling brightly at him. At least not without him giving them  25 Jun 2018 Everyone's face was red from trying to hold in their laughter as Yoongi glared at them, completely silent. You took the jacket from him, placing it on the sofa, and wrapped your arms around him. After you slipped your feet out of them, you made sure to keep your legs pressed together for the time being. ) with 51,944 reads. He saw them snap a picture of the corpse, holding the crime scene above you while you snapped another picture from another angle. ;) Jin: He saw them coming from a mile away. ” Park Jimin: He’d stare the member who dared match his clothes with yours, glaring at the matching shirt and same colour pants/shorts. Soon enough the ball was in full swing. BTS Reaction: They Meet Their Newborn a/n: I apologize for Namjoon, Taehyung, and Jungkook’s being so short. I swear. The sudden urge to kiss you tingled throughout his body, but he’s sorta like eh (Y/N) might pummel me for calling them cute right now so he just continued smiling at you, stealing lots of glances at your pouty lips. We have background pictures for you! After a successful 2017 WINGS tour Bangpdnim summoned BTS and informed them that they'll be working with America's greatest artists, dancers and Grammy award w. He was falling apart and all he could do was laugh. I tried my best to like, make each of their reactions based off their lines in the song, some of them are just my view points on the lyrics. Credit goes to the initial creators. “You sound Hungry. “You asked for it. “If you need help, just ask me” bangtan's reaction when someone pushes you on the stairs? (lame) V: “Are you okay? Are you really okay? Shouldn’t we go to the hospital?” Jimin: //glaring at the person who pushed you// “Hey! You He’ll tease you sometimes when you’re with your friend however, playing the jealous boyfriend to get a reaction out of you, or do pretty suggestive things that your friend won’t notice when you’re trying to talk to him. You heard a whine escape his lips, disappointed you were no longer giving him attention. you choked out for help allowing an alarmed taehyung to frantically reassure you that he was on his way to get you. “I said, I’m LONELY!” Jin He was kissing your torso, making his way up to your chest, up your neck as goosebumps began to rise from the wet trail and finally, to your lips. BTS reaction after you confess to them Seokjin: He would stare at stare at you in wow, not sure what to say, since his been trying to ask out for so long, seeing you starting to get nervous he would act fast and talk “oh my god ive been trying to confess to you but i wasn’t sure you would say yes” seeing your bright smile and he would bts reaction: they see you with another guy / jealousy. Jungkook gathered all his courage and leaned closer to you “Hold them like this” He whispered and showed you his hand. BTS reaction: They find out you are in the hospital. Murderously. You followed his gaze to see him glaring at two men in the corner of the club. ” Here’s what I actually think about the member’s sexualities. Originally posted by suggamiin. Walking into your living room, you were shocked to see them all screaming along to whatever song was playing from the T. 8 & 46 from list 2 with Suga please Bad Day?- Yoongi “You’re seriously like a man-child. Rap Monster: Request; bts reaction to you wanting to ride their face but you’re a little insecure and turned them down in the past because of your thighs. You heard his fists slamming onto the wood, trying to enter. BTS (or Bangtan Boys, or Beyond the Scene, or Bulletproof Boyscouts, or Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a Korean Pop/Hip-Hop/R&B Boy Band that debuted with BigHit Entertainment on June 13, 2013, composed of seven members: rappers RM (leader), SUGA, and j-hope, and vocalists Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. You were laying in your bed, trying to sleep, Jin hours late from work. 1] [p. Thanks for reading! I hope you liked them, even though they turned out a little longer than anticipated. You thought about them constantly and you saw them in your dreams. today, you joined jimin and the boys at practice. ” Jin sighed, glaring at the floor so he wouldn’t have to make eye contact with you. I think he’d like the fact thatyou’re funny and witty, and that you’re musically inclined. yandere!mafia boss bts reaction to their s/o escaping *req. “Shower the soap off of you right now and wait for me in the bedroom. I mean how could I for I have never met them. EXO reacts to being stuck with you (their crush) in an elevator I hope you like this! Sorry for not being as active. You helped him control his wild personality, you helped him when he was feeling down, you helped him get back on his feet when he needed you the most. BTS Reaction You comforting them after a bad day Warnings: Swearing, A little bit of crying A LOT OF CRYING. Sehun wasn’t too bothered by Jungkook joining but he also wasn’t all that happy about it, he was kinda neutral about the whole thing. “These idiots decided to interrogate him,” Jin growled, glaring. He would want to be with you every minute of everyday just cuddling. Jimin went to you. Bts reaction to them taking care ofr you on your period. BTS REACTS TO: s/o being flirted with but not knowing Obli Anon Asked: So my friends have told me that I’m oblivious to most things especially like when someone is flirting. Bts reaction to their fashion blogger bf getting hit on. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Bts, Jimin et Rap monster. After glaring at Y/N, Yoongi wordlessly left. Bts reaction to you surprising them on their birthday. when he realized he had feelings for you, he would probably even avoid you to some extent, being confused by his own feelings and why he BTS reacting to a 13-year old girl joining BTS (requested) Gifs aren’t mine. “Taehyung, come back. written ships: closed --selca ships:open! -- fake texts:open!--reactions:open! -- ask: always open! i just started writting reactions for the first time, so be patient and please give me some constructive criticism !also don't be scared to ask me anything, or just talk to me! Jan 08, 2018 · BTS Reaction: giving them a blowjob Seokjin He loved the sight of you between his legs during the early hours of the morning, your eyes looking innocently at him as your glorious mouth does anything but innocent things to him… Laughing wouldn’t come to easily to him, he’d be glaring at things a lot, he’d really be hurt by this. We know he has this quiet and IDGAF demeanor when you look at him but he doesn't give an intimidating look. Opening it you were relieved when you saw 50 and 100 dollar bills stacked neatly. I’d like a reaction to the one where bts’s children run up on stage but with got7 please. Bts reaction to you in their hoodie in bed with morning hair. If any of them are dating each other, dating other men or women, it is absolutely non of our business. V: (Jimin) He needs you. You are most welcome. You two are of the same age and studying at the same college, but Misun will major in Marketing. bts reacting ♥ to you sexting them rap line vocal line. When the time finally comes to perform, he’d try to search you out in the crowd, although that’s basically impossible with the spotlight glaring in his eyes. you could still do your own thing and be able to watch your boyfriend do the thing he loves doing. Deciding to see how long it took them to notice you, you sat down in the armchair closest to the door. Jungkook said glaring at him. Here you can find he Hyung Line Edition. Jimin took your hand and gave it a squeeze of reassurance, all eyes were on you. The second you walked through the door, he was glaring at you. Jin (Seokjin): Jin would find it kind of awkward because of the huge age gap but he’d take you under his wing and be super nice. BTS Falls Victim To Ellen's Scare Prank & They Might've Had The Best Reaction Yet -- Watch 13 Stars Taking Selfies With BTS At Award Shows: Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, & More Most Read Find the best BTS Wallpaper I Need You on GetWallpapers. Bts reaction to you being super ticklish and chasing you around the dorm/house? hehe (sorry for spam lol) I’ve been waiting for the day that someone request a reaction for BTS. which was fine with you. Soon he’s too overcome to do anything but breath heavily between moans, and you can feel the band within you about to snap when he reaches down to rub at your clit. You leapt up the stairs, taking them by two until you reached your bedroom door, swiftly locking it behind yourself. Feb 05, 2018 · I know ships are very popular, but I really believe that they are ruining this fandom. ☺️. Jul 18, 2016 · You were trying to inch away but Rain kept stopping you so you were sending a “Help” signal at D. bangtanboys, suga, jungk May 20, 2018 · BTS’ Reaction to: Flinching During an Argument With Them [requested by anon! “hi! can u do a imagine/reaction where one of the members and you are in a heated argument & then they make u flinch? it’s kinda a common imagine i see, but i love your writing so i wanted to see it written by you! thank you!” You’d look at him and ask him why he was looking at you like that but all he would do was nod his head towards you. Full Request: Yandere BTS when someone else is too persistent after you say you don’t want to go out with them, please? Thank you for your time! Oh, honey. 20 Jul 2016 J-Hope: He would be glaring right along with you. Read their reaction to you giving them head during a vlive. BTS Reaction to: You asking them to cuddle you Masterlist. You pouted, turning your head away from him. You're one of the most beautiful girls that has ever walked this earth. Sorry to bother you have a nice day/night. He took his jacket off, not uttering a word. He seems to be someone that likes girls who are smart and clever. Sorry for taking so long tbh (why is “tbh” my fav phrase lately). He gazed at you like you were a disease he didn’t want to catch. Originally posted by sugaglos. BTS Reaction: Asking them to eat you out. “Save your breath. You had not been feeling the best but you knew how much your boyfriend would love for you to surprise him, especially with food. 4 Jan 2020 BTS Reaction | Spontaneous sex Jungkook: you glared at him, not believing that he was the cause of  22 Apr 2020 BTS Angry and Annoyed Moments (REACTION) *MUST WATCH* You going to heaven for clicking see more :) JK actually gets so mad about girls calling him “ Oppa” if they are not actually younger than him The backstory to JK glaring to the audience when he was dancing is that he recognized a  I am surprised the first 3 answers were Suga. 3 End] It’s taking me a long time to get over him two months and three days to be exact, and right now I’m still hung up over the fact “Don’t fucking touch me you stupid girl. “Y/N for fucks sake, everyday you’re BTS Reaction - Calling your father ‘daddy’ and he replies. Bts Reaction To You After Your First Time. Akdjfkf, thank you!! Ahhh, I’m happy to be back and catching up with people. BTS is nothing without you. from the story dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi (kat) with 78,282 reads. The seven hid their supernatural identity behind the mask of BTS. BTS Mafia Reaction: When they see someone flirting with their girlfriend glaring at him from his seat. ~” Originally posted by sparkleyesjk (soft)BTS reaction: you opening up to them (Hyung line) *requested by @kpopgirlbtssvt sorry I took such a long time* I’ll do maknae line later (sorry!) Kim Seokjinhe would be extremely joyous when But the moment didn’t last long because Daehyun had other things on his mind. you weren You were flustered as your best friend pulled you down the stairs. He cried. g. You’d spend the rest of the morning still in bed, this time with out the shirt. Pairing: bts x (young) reader Genre: gangster!au, gang!au, a little bit of fluff Warnings: cursing, violence, the only relationship in this story between the reader and bts is a big brother(s) / parental relationship “I already have to share you with the world. To the anon who had requested this, towards the end I realized you had put accidentally, I think how I wrote it I made it still be an accident but I’m not sure I hope you still like it though and maybe you can comment on this or contact me to let me know how I did, because I was really worried rather this is up to your expectations or not. It was the first time you’d seen him in a while. “Hi baby. V. But what happens if Jungkook su. Originally posted by sooyoungspark-remade. After 15 minutes of them still not aware you were there, you walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Jin:Jin’s face was red as he glared at you with a He yelled, pushing you down the aisle, everyone was turning to look at you and Jungkook’s eyes were on you right away, he looked pissed off at the fact that you were here. His eyes watched you closely, smiling widely as you looked over. There was an older man across the room who progressed from staring at me to frowning at me then glaring at me. “Your eyes get big when you see food. “Why would you do that?” “We had to figure out what happened to you… Didn’t do too much good…” Aug 06, 2018 · Tonight is all about you,” Taehyung said, popping in the movie. those who gave you a hard time with their harsh words as they were drunk telling you how bad of a friend you were, how you were boring “I won’t live without you, if you don’t want me anymore, at least stay with me while I finish it” Originally posted by urichannie. Fotor – One-stop graphic and image-editing solution for all your needs. He'd keep looking down to check  9 Jun 2018 Glaring at him, he stepped forward and pinched your inflated cheeks. No one is going to be mean to other people on his watch. “Are you that Blind. imokay BTS Reaction To You Pouting. “Jimin, I wouldn't  Jungkook - Jungkook would be so shy and try to awkwardly shuffle you further forward on his lap so that you wouldn't notice. 3 End [pt. You wanted some loving from your boyfriend, you didn’t want to sit beside him while his attention wasn’t even on you. You weren’t a dancer. Licking his lips, he maintained eye contact as he slowly lifted your shirt, taking note of the way your shivered whenever his fingers brushed against your bare skin as he undressed you. I guess people can just stay salty~ we’re all here to love and support bts/kpop it ain’t that deep but they really seem to think it is What Really Happens When Someone Stares at You Whether we approach or avoid a dominant person largely depends on our status. His expression suddenly changed from angry, to smug within  11 Jul 2017 You scrunched your nose and turned to glare at him. 2] [pt. ” “I'm sorry, I  25 Apr 2019 You couldn't help but glare at him for a split second before stuffing yourself with cake again, wanting to cry because everyone at this table knew  31 Mar 2017 Anon asked: Hi is it okay if you could do bts reaction to their girlfriend glaring at them but she looks like a sad puppy because they made her  21 Feb 2018 Jimins glare shoots daggers at Jungkook causing you and him to stop laughing immediately. yandere! bts mafia boss finding you after you escaped them 2 years prior *req. You reacted, of course, but you couldn’t stop thinking about his comment. Sehun . Originally posted by fawnave. You tell me how I feel. To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. “Stop!” you barked. Even as he walked in on you in the bathroom, glaring at your reflection, he stayed level headed and mature. akira’s note » requests for reactions are open!!; k i m s e o k j i n ⇀ Dropping down beside you, Jin’s eyes flutters shut as he leans his head all the way back, releasing a relieved and ludicrous groan while watching you writhe from your intense and much needed climax. Bts reaction to their child waking them up. Minor harrasement i guess? Scenario is that you’re doing a shoot in public and get hit on in front of your bf. If you could please do a reaction when their s/o is being flirted with and they don’t notice. Your uncle hadn’t changed his hiding spots, and you’d memorized them all when you had first been moved in here, mostly out of boredom. You nodded and headed to kitchen and began to make food. You just wanted to hug him. Rap Monster wouldn’t mind THAT much about you being clingy, but you shouldn’t overdo it. bts reaction to you glaring at them

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